Certified Hardwood Flooring Contractor Solid Vs. Engineered Wood Floors

Certified Hardwood Flooring Contractor Solid Vs. Engineered Wood Floors

When building a new home or renovating one, a lot of thought goes into selecting the ideal flooring option. Even after choosing hardwood floors from an array of options including carpet and laminate floors, you still need to decide whether to install solid or engineered wood. Our certified hardwood flooring specialists can help you pick the right choice depending on your needs, lifestyle, long-term objectives, and budgets.

Solid wood is without debate the better option. Using real timbered wood means that you can sand and refinish your floors several times over the decades and keep them looking as good as new. Apart from offering an easy means to repair damaged areas, you can also play around with the color of the flooring to achieve different design goals after each maintenance project.

Unfortunately, solid boards are expensive. Additionally, it shrinks and expands because of temperature changes and the moisture levels within an area. This makes it imperative to install a subfloor before installing the boards. It is also best not to install solid wood floors beyond the first and second story of your building.

Engineered wood has the same appearance as solid wood. It is made from multiple layers of plywood and hardwood making it immune to expanding and contracting. This, in return, makes it ideal for installation on all stories of a building, including the basement. You can also use engineered boards in moisture-prone areas like the bathrooms and kitchen.

The ideal option to choose will be highly dependent on the areas of your home that need a new floor. You need to consider the humidity levels in these areas to reduce the risk of having to repeatedly invest in repairs. Most importantly, take note of your financial means. If you are on the budget, engineered boards are the second-best option to installing solid board floors. Contact us for personalized guidance designed to match your specific needs and objectives.