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Choosing wood flooring means you could eventually need hardwood flooring repair and maintenance to get your product to the end of its incredible lifespan. However, professional services can make this particular part of homeownership so much easier, and we offer them all. So read along here to find out more about what your floors can look like when we are finished.

Taking your hardwood flooring maintenance to a new level

There are some choices you can make that will reflect heavily on your hardwood flooring maintenance routine. For instance, the species you choose should be hard enough to avoid scratches, scrapes, and scuffs for many years. Another option is to select a finish type that hides these imperfections and signs of wear for longer.

Deep cleaning is a part of the maintenance process, which includes much more than just the surface. So not only will you reap the benefits of this service with a beautifully clean floor, but you'll find the extra cleaning protects your floors from further damage and mess. It also creates a more breathable atmosphere, making your home healthier than ever.

You can also use area rugs and runners to keep heavy traffic off the surface of your wood flooring, protecting the finish and keeping refinishing needs at bay for years to come. However, when you see that you need some maintenance, our service technicians are ready to go to your home and assess the need from the ground up. There is no doubt you will enjoy the results of our maintenance and repair services, so be sure to let us know your most urgent requirements.



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At Hammonds Wood Floors, we offer all the services you require to keep your wood floors looking like new for longer, including maintenance, repair, and education, giving you a head’s up on all that you need to make your floors great. Our services are sure to be a necessity for you at some point. Be sure to speak with our flooring associates at length to find out what you can expect. If you are a resident of San Antonio, TX, Alamo Heights, TX, Converse, TX, or Fair Oaks Ranch, TX, we sure to visit us at your convenience at our showroom in San Antonio, TX. We will put our years of experience to work for you to create the results you want and need. Stop by today to find out more about wood scratch repair, maintenance, and other services that help keep your floors like new.