Makeover Your Room With Hardwood Flooring Refinishing In San Antonio TX

Makeover Your Room With Hardwood Flooring Refinishing In San Antonio TX

Many older houses have floors made of wood because a clean look like that was once highly desired. Then wall-to-wall carpeting became all the rage, and many people simply covered up their wooden floor to get with the carpeting trend. These covered-up floors can be given new life by removing the carpeting and having a company perform hardwood flooring refinishing in San Antonio TX.

No matter what the condition, we at Hammonds Wood Floors can help you get your wood flooring back to a pristine and new condition. We guarantee our work because we are confident that you will love the final result. We simply come to your home and examine the condition of all your flooring and decide on the best course of action for restoring these surfaces.

There may be multiple steps involved in this process. The first step is often a good cleaning, then sanding the floors down to help make them even and to remove any potential stains that may be impossible to eliminate via more basic cleansing methods. This creates a clean, smooth surface that’s ready for the next step in the restoration process.

Next, we will finish the floors using a stain of your choice. There are many, many options in stains, from light ones that barely change the natural color, to darker stains that give your room a moody look. You can also opt for a clear coat that keeps the natural hue completely intact.

Finally, we can provide regular maintenance to ensure that you never have to have your wood floors completely refinished ever again. Just a few preventative measures now will mean a lifetime of beauty that’s sure to impress both your friends and your house guests alike. Our technicians are highly trained and know exactly how to treat every type of wood when restoring or maintaining them. No two kinds of wood are exactly alike so you cannot treat them the same. Rest assured that you’ll get the proper treatment with every visit to extend the life of your flooring.